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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Spooky Circuit

Have I told you how much I love Halloween?  I love it!  It's a very close call between Christmas and Halloween for my favorite holiday.  I have not one, not two, not three but FOUR Halloween outings planned for my kids over the next week and I can't wait.  Plus, you gotta get use out of those costumes right?  I've got a knight (my girl) and a dragon (my boy) this year.  What are you kids dressing up as?

Of course kids in costumes is great but the candy isn't too bad either.  To keep from eating my weight in sweets I've come up with a few tips...

  • Don't buy candy until the last minute
  • Buy candy I don't like (my personal picks are suckers, nerds, twizzlers...)
  • Keep it hidden.  I have been known to ask my hubby to hide food or keep it in the car.  Yes, my will power sucks.
I also came up with a great "spoooooky circuit".  There's nothing spooky about it, just really like Halloween...have I mentioned that yet?  Try doing this when you're home on Beggar's night!  

*Remember if you choose to complete this workout you are doing so at your own risk.

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