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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

15 Minute HIIT

Is it cold where you live?  It's getting a little chilly here and I LOVE IT!  Break out the sweat shirts, sweats, sweaters, whatever "sweats" you want and get cozy.  After you do this workout though, right?

Here is another quick HIIT workout for you. I challenge all you who live and die on the treadmill and elliptical to step off and give this a try.  Just once.  If you're not just has exhausted and just as sweaty from this as you are from a long cardio session I'll give you your money back.  Oh wait....  :)

Get your timer/clock out.  (Check out Jen Morgan's pick here if you don't have one).  Set your intervals for 15 rounds, 40 seconds high intensity and 20 seconds low intensity.  Warm up and get going!  I don't care if you're tuck jumps aren't high or your mountain climbers are a little slow- just do it!  Do it with good form as fast as you can for 40 seconds.

*If you're working out from home sub jump squats for the wall balls.

Leave a comment with your reviews when you're done!

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