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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Workout and GymBoss GIVEAWAY!

If you frequent my blog, you know that I typically don't enjoy cardio.  If you're new here, let me be the first to tell you, I typically don't enjoy cardio.  I'm not even going to try to hide it.  I'd rather be lifting.

Lets face it though, it's practically impossible to teach your five year old to ride a bike or lift anything for more than six reps when you're cardiovascular system isn't on point so cardio exercise must be included in my workout routine.  (Yes, I count those tasks as "cardio".)

In my opinion, there are only two things that make cardio suck less- ample recovery times and a GymBoss interval timer and lucky for you, today, I've got BOTH!  

First let's discuss the Gymboss Interval Timer.  I first wrote a review of the Gymboss back in January sharing how this convenient, little gadget has helped me teach group exercise classes because I can't possibly provide instruction, demonstration, encouragement, watch form, AND keep track of time but this timer isn't just for fitness professionals.  

This bad boy makes intervals, for anyone, a breeze.  Just set your active time, recovery time, how many sets and go!   No more messing with cheap interval timing apps on your phone, trying to clock watch or count in your head which set you're on. The Gymboss comes in multiple colors and has multiple settings for alarms including vibrate so you can put your headphones in and still catch when the time is up.  I really can't say enough about this.  

Now, about ample recovery times.  High intensity interval training can be a great tool to blast fat, torch calories, and improve cardio conditioning but I have to be honest, it's kinda getting out of hand.  

I see more and more people performing difficult moves for an extended amount of time with little rest in between and in my book, that's missing the point of HIIT.  During HIIT, you should be working at a level 8-9 (on a scale of 1-10, 10 being full out effort) and that level of work for most is not sustainable for very long.  Hence, the importance of keeping your work intervals short.  

On the flip side, because you're working hard, taking time to rest is just as important as the work it's self.  This will help you to recover so you can put forth the effort towards the next move as well as reduce the likelihood of making mistakes with form which we all know can lead to an injury.  As one of my favorite trainers, Neghar Fonooni says, "More is not better.  Better is better." Rant done.  For now. 

Because I want everyone to leave here a winner, I came up with an interval workout that will hopefully prove to you that you don't need to drag out work intervals and shorten rest periods to get a good workout in.  Please note that while the interval times appear gentle, this is NOT a beginner HIIT workout as it incorporates dynamic and ballistic movements at a rapid pace.  In case it's not obvious, this workout would be so much better if you had a Gymboss timer.  Have I mentioned how much I love mine?  Wink, wink.

As always, perform proper dynamic warm up beforehand and a cool down afterwards.  

Ok, back to the Gymboss…because the Gymboss was such a hit the first time around, they've offered to giveaway another one to one of my lucky readers!  Woot!  Woot!  Any color of your choice!  Really, check out the colors.  So cool!

Here are the details:
  • US winners only (Sorry, shipping reasons.  No offense).
  • Giveaway will close Sunday, August 24 and the winner will be contacted via email.
  • Gymboss did provide the merchandise for the giveaway but all opinions are my own.  
  • IMPORTANT: you must use the rafflecopter below in order to be eligible for the giveaway. 


  1. Fine, Annie, I'll do your workout! Can't wait to try it!

  2. Great workout! Love kettlebell swings <3
    I love the teal or the white and grey timer!

  3. I'd want orange. I typed a whole long comment and it disappeared. dang it.

  4. I want the Gold and White one. Thank you .

  5. This looks like an awesome workout! I love the gymboss app on my phone to time intervals. Kettlebell swings kill me though. For some reason I can only do lightweight and evenonce I get to 10 I'm so tired! Clearly need to do them more :)

  6. I would pick the teal or the white and gold!

  7. Love my gym boss- I have a white one but the gold or pink would be fun to have too :)

  8. I would want silver gloss.I would want the teal for my second choice.

  9. I would choose the orange. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.