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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Double Duty Athletic Clothes

A while back one of my very best friends wrote to me and said this…. 
I'm sick of looking for regular clothes for my mom life and I want to wear athletic wear on a more regular basis (because then I won't have to go to the effort to changing when it's time to go to the gym)...
Can you tell why we're great friends? :)

The great news is that athletic influences are sneaking into to everyday fashion. In today's world it's totally acceptable to mix in athletic apparel with your everyday life.  And it's not just athletic lines selling this look.  Take a peek at these looks below that I found from Banana Republic and J.Crew.

I'm not a fashionista by any means, but this trend I'm totally down with.  There is no longer the need to sacrifice fashion for comfort.  You CAN have both!

If you're totally lost at how to start incorporating your gym wear into your night lift check out these three inspiration boards below, feature three Athleta pieces, that will take you from working out to working it.  And keep in mind- my version of "working it" is showing up to PTA meetings or lunch with friends without looks like a slob.

Exhibit A:  My lululemon tank I wore to a BBQ with friends a few weeks ago.  Paired it with some skinny's and cute metallic sandals.

A few tips to consider:

  • Don't be afraid to mix "high and low" items together.  Fancy and comfy can co-exsist in one outfit.
  • Accessorize!  Add some baubles, a baseball hat, head band, scarf, etc.  I promise you accessories are the difference maker. 
  • When shopping, consider function (it's cute, but does it "work"?) as well as versatility. Depending on your budget, it may be worth it to spend a few extra bucks on items that can do double duty.   

Your turn:  Do you have a favorite athletic item that you wear with your "real clothes"?

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  1. I mix and match often and Athleta has the best pieces for mixing and matching.