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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Never Skip A Workout Again

Do you find yourself skipping workouts often?  Do you start your day or week with the best intentions to hit up the gym and always seem to have conflicts leaving you no time to workout?

If you answered yes,  I'm here to help!  The men and women working out everyday aren't any less busy than you are.  They have simply chosen to make their workouts part of their schedule, and when things come up (as they do for everyone) they are able to adapt quickly to stay on track. I promise you when you use any (or all) of these five techniques below you'll never skip a workout again.

Prioritize:  Make a daily to-do list.  Anything that must be done that day goes to the top.  Any tasks that can wait another day goes towards the bottom.  Put your workout at the top of your list.  Pushing it back another day or two is not an option (because you know how that will turn out…).  It's not negotiable.

Schedule it early in the day:  If you find that your evening gym sessions are always getting cut, try scheduling your workout for first thing in the morning.  Throughout the day, things come up but getting your workout done and over right away leaves you the rest of the day to take care of your other responsibilities without skipping out on your gym time.

Have  a back up plan:  Kids will get sick.  You will get sick.  Your boss will require you to travel unexpectedly.  The thunderstrom will keep you from running outside.  You will oversleep and miss your 5am gym time.  These things are going to happen.  That's life.  However, you don't need to play victim to any of these situations.  Have a back up plan!  Sick?  Can you move your workout back a few days until you feel better?  Traveling for work?  What about finding a local gym to train at?  Poor weather?  Can you move your workout inside?  Overslept?  Pack your gym clothes and hit it up on your way home from work.  Always, always  have plan b ready to go.

Have a home workout ready to go:  In my opinion, not having access to a gym, for whatever reason, is not a valid excuse for skipping your workout altogether.  Home workouts are a dime a dozen and with websites like Fitness Blender you can get a great workout from the comfort of your own living room, most with no equipment required!

Find a training partner:  A training partner can be one of the best ways to stay accountable with your workouts.  Find someone who is committed, trustworthy, and won't let you cut corners!


  1. The weakness for me is the home workout. I've bought a million workout dvd's and never use them because I always find an excuse not to do them..also it's hard to do them uninterrupted by the kiddos!

  2. These are all great tips. I am a big fan of early morning workouts, there is less likelihood of something getting in the way of it and then its done and you can go about your day!