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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Strength Training Resources To Help Get You Started Lifting

If you want to start lifting but have no idea where to begin, you're in the right place.  Welcome, grab a seat, a drink, and put on some comfy clothes because once you start diving into these resources you're won't be able to stop!

I often hear from people that they are comfortable lifting but feel clueless when it comes to putting together a workout and/or a series of workouts to help them reach their goals.  While that may leave you feeling a little lost in the weight room the good news is that are a plethora of lifting programs available to you to help arm you with a plan of attack so you can tackle those weights like a boss!

While this list doesn't name everything available out there, it does include programs and resources that I or a trustworthy colleague has used and we give it our stamp of approval.

When followed properly, any of these options can help you safely increase your strength and build confidence in your lifting abilities.  However, those perks come with a price tag.  I do have two free options listed below but otherwise the cost of a online strength training program can range anywhere from $20-$150.

I'd also like to point out that some of these programs are very different in their nature.  Some are written specifically for women, some filled with technical jargon, some geared more towards powerlifting.  They're all great but take the time to learn about each program and find the one that suits you and your goals the best.  *I'd be happy to help you make a decision if needed.  Send me message on my Strong Brees Facebook page.    

Books/ E books- Strength Training Programs

Free Online Programs

Additional Useful Strength Training Websites & Resources

Juggernaut Training Systems (they have a great bench, squat, and deadlift manual for free)

Your turn:  Have you ever followed a strength training program? If so, do you have any experience with these?


  1. I've tried the Strong Lifts and have been getting all the Jamie Easton weekly workouts but won't try them until after I am done with T25. Have you done Jamie Easton before? Is it worth it for someone who strength lifts just not as much as they would like to?

    1. I have done Jamie Easton's program. It was the program I followed right after I had my seconds baby to just give me something to follow. In my opinion it is more of "body building" workout and may not give you the increase in strength something like strong lifts or 5/3/1 would. It just depends on your goals- if you want to increase you squat, bench, dead I'd say stronglifts is a great choice! I do agree T25 and stronglifts would be quite a bit to ask from your body!!!

  2. Oh I can't wait to really look into this! Bookmarking!

  3. I am also going to have to bookmark this! I actually am the worst when it comes to practicing strength training and I really need to build a stronger upper body! Thanks for sharing so many different options!

  4. I have used Jamie Eason's before, but have fallen off the wagon. I have a hard time going to the gym to lift weights by myself...I really need a buddy or a trainer for some reason to keep me on track.