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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gym Time Makeup

Yes, you read that title correctly, gym time makeup.  *gasp*  What?  Makeup at the gym?

Actually, I've had this post idea in my back pocket for awhile and debated if it was a blog worthy topic or not, if people would think it's silly, if makeup at the gym was something I encourage, discourage or stay neutral, blah, blah blah…Finally an article from from Ivy at Wake Up for Makeup gave me a nice little nudge to just post the damn thing.

As Ivy shares in her post, "Real Blogger Beauty- Makeup Shaming", people always seem to have an opinion on makeup.  It's too much.  The lips are too bright.  Your eyebrows are too thick.  You look like you're wearing mask.

Wear makeup to the gym and the judgement from (some) girls gets even worse.  Who does she think she is?  Is she hear for a date or to workout? She's clearly so insecure if she has to wear makeup to the gym.

Yea well, guess what? Sometimes, I wear makeup to the gym.  I'm there for a workout and I'm far from insecure.  I know fitness enthusiasts have gone rounds over this topic and thankfully I think most women today are down with whatever works for you but either way, I'm taking a stand for makeup, just in case there are a few of you judgey judgersons lurking out there.

I get some women wear makeup to the gym and to work.  Some wear it to the work but not the gym.  Some wear to to both and some women don't wear it all.  Regardless of where you fall in the spectrum I encourage you to do what makes you feel your best.  And if you're wearing makeup to the gym to get a  date, I support you too!  After all, who wants a man that doesn't lift?  ;o)

I titled this post "Gym Time Makeup" but let's be honest, it's really my everyday routine.  I wake up, pop in my contacts, brush my teeth, redo my pony tail, throw on gym clothes (even if it's a rest day) and uses these five products below to give me what I hope looks like a, "I got a full nights sleep and I'm still in my twenties" no makeup, make up look.  Did you catch all that?

1. Revlon Photoready BB Cream:  Squirt in fingertips and rub all over you face.  This seems to be the perfect combination of sunscreen, a little tint, coverage and moisture for me. It's got a great natural finish.  Besides, makeup or no makeup sunscreen is a must!

2. Maybelline Baby Lips: Chapstick plus a little hint of color.  I own just about every single one and love them all.  The downside is they don't last too long.

3.  Eyebrow pencil:  I have like ten and as silly as it may sound, next to mascara I never leave the house without filling in my brows.  If you don't already, I'd highly recommend it!  Ivy has a great tutorial here if you need help!

4.  L'Oreal Beauty Tubes mascara:  Hands down my favorite mascara for years!  It's not waterproof but it's tough enough to last through the sweatiest of workouts.  It comes off easily with water in little clumps (tubes) and will nerve streak down your face.  Even in the pool. "My friend" says it lasts for days on her eye lashes if you let it.  Wink, wink.    

5.  Dry shampoo:  Ok so it's not makeup but who has time to wash their hair?  I workout most days of the week and if I washed my hair every single time, my already dry, frizzy hair would be a hot mess.  A few sprays, rub it in, shake it up and throw it back in a pony again- voila!  Very scientific stuff here.

I'm a pretty confident person in general, especially in the gym but there are days when I wake up and just feel blah.  My little routine gives me the boost I need to get my day started feeling good about my appearance.

Your turn:  What is one thing in your routine you do to help you feel your best?


  1. I say do whatever makes you feel good. I personally don't do it because I am a disgusting hot sweaty mess, like more than the average person I think. Makeup just gets in the way, plus I have really sensitive skin. For me, I like cute workout clothes. It's how it makes ME feel, which affects how I act and perform. I'm not dressing up for anyone else.

  2. Saw your post on a Twitter re-tweet. I don't wear makeup to the gym but I like your attitude about it! I usually wear makeup to work but I stopped recently to fight acne after it occurred to me that it might be causing breakouts bc it's not oil-free. Going through makeup withdrawal!

  3. lol I totally wear makeup to the gym! I just do not feel righ twalking out of my house with no makeup. So I always at least need to have eyeliner. No judgement here!

  4. You know, I think this is something that if a girl wants to wear makeup and feels great about it then all power to her, same goes for the all natural. I agree I think whatever makes you comfortable. We live in a world that we lose track of things and get caught up into doing what others tell us, and forget what we want and what makes us feel good about ourselves. Building self confidence is so important, so I say go with whatever you feel the most confident in and don't let anyone give you any shame:)

  5. Stacey NiedzwieckiJune 19, 2014 at 8:58 AM

    The way I look at it, if I workout in the morning, I'm not taking the extra time to put anything more than chapstick on. It's hard enough to get me to the gym. :-) But if I'm going after work, why bother taking the makeup off? A little lip gloss never hurt anyone. Also, for me cute workout clothes are a must. The brighter, the better. And if that's what it takes to get my butt to the gym, so be it. :-)