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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Getting Older

Yesterday was my birthday!  I had a wonderful day- workout, lunch, nap, hair appointment, shopping, dinner! In my book, that's pretty much a perfect day!

This picture doesn't do it justice but the blow out was amazing!
Contrary to many people, getting older doesn't bother me one bit.  In fact, I welcome getting older because at the risk of sounding terribly arrogant, I'm confident I'm getting better with age.  I realize in the grand scheme of things thirties is still young and some of you may be thinking, "Oh honey, wait 'til you hit forty!" but I can't help but think that if you don't feel more confident with each birthday, you're doing it wrong.  

Same mom, same baby.  If this is what "getting older" looks like- I'll take it
A few months ago I saw a commercial in which a sulking middle aged man was "going through the motions" in life and one day decided he wanted to make some healthy improvements in his life.  He improved his diet, began working out and waddya know?  He became happier.  The point of the commercial was to sell whatever he was using to to make those changes and how happy he was with the product.

I couldn't tell you what the product was but I can tell you how it made me feel….  I felt so sad for that man.  He was happy now but how many years of his life did he waste feeling sad?  Even if he wasn't sad, how many years did he waste feeling "just ok"?  Sure "just ok" is better than sad and it is better late then never, but if given the choice (which we all have the choice) to choose between "just ok" and "awesome"….I choose awesome. And in order to feel awesome I have to make conscious daily decision to help my mind, body and emotions feel great!  Yes, it takes effort but it's totally worth it!

Even in my early thirties I have friends that feel like they're past their prime.  How depressing is that?  Thirty-something and the best years of your life are over?  I realize that you may not have the 20 year old, dewy skin and gravity may have more control over body parts than you'd like but as I see it, birthdays are a way to document another year spent improving.  It's another year I've spent getting to know myself, my strengths, my weaknesses, my body, and my emotions.

If you've followed my blog you've heard me say many times I'm more confident, stronger, faster, smarter and funnier (if I say so myself) in my thirties then ever before and I'm not super-human, I think anyone can feel this way!

Case in point- my father in law doing handstands!  He still runs, gardens and hikes almost everyday!
The difference between me now and me then?  Well aside from learning how to use a curling iron, the importance of a great tailor and ditching white eye shadow I've made just a few gentle shifts in my focus to make getting older more fun.  I've made taking care of my body (exercising, eating right- most of the time) a priority, I focus on what I am instead of what I'm not and lastly I've cut anything from our schedules that isn't a priority and we don't absolutely love.

5 years ago on the left to last summer-
It sounds cliche but life really is to short to wake up one day and realize you've spent years, maybe even decades felling unhappy.  It's your life to live, create one that you love!

Your turn:  What is your favorite things bout getting older?


  1. HAPPY Belated Birthday Annie!! I am so glad you had an awesome bday and you and your hair look GORGEOUS!! I agree with you about getting older, I am finally comfortable in my skin, more confident (especially after becoming a mom) and generally happier than I was when I was younger.

  2. Happy belated! And I agree with you, you do get better with age. One of the many life lessons my mother always taught me, "Women are like fine wine and cheese, we get better with age". Flaunt your stuff, you hot thang you!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! I love, love, loved this post - I totally agree. I am so much happier, confident, more accomplished now, at 36, than I ever could have imagined in my 20s. Aging rocks! (Kindly remind me of this comment in 40 years).