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Monday, April 28, 2014

Morsel Combat & Infused Water

Friday night I attended Morsel Combat in Des Moines. As I mentioned Friday,  it is an event designed to promote healthy eating as well as raising money for hungry Iowans.  They ended up raising over $25,000 this year, all of which will go to Meals From the Heartland.

For me it was a great reminder that healthy food doesn't have to taste bland or boring.

My favorite dish was actually a vegan nacho from Fresh Cafe and Market in Des Moines.

It was amazing.  I would have never guessed that the "meat like" substance was chopped walnut meat or that there was even such a thing as cashew crema!  

There were 12 different chefs with 12 amazing samples but that nacho was hands down the favorite and while it didn't win the entire Morsel Combat competition, it did win people's choice.

Yeah, not having any fun at all.  That guy in the background was totally making fun of me, I'm sure!  

My bestie and foodie, Amanda and I had a great time.  In fact one of our biggest takeaways from the night was Fresh Cafe's infused water.  It was infused with cilantro and lime and tasted like a slice of refreshing, spa Heaven.

I enjoyed it so much that I picked up limes and cilantro for myself to recreate this tasty beverage.  

While I just chopped up one lime and threw in some sprigs of cilantro in my water bottle I'd love to make a huge carafe to have on tap.  In large quantities, it should last up to three to four days.  I feel so fancy drinking this, almost like I'm a the spa……almost. 

Your turn:  Have you ever made infused water?  If so what did you put in it?


  1. Wow, those nachos look yummy and seriously, you are GORGEOUS!!!

    I do a lot of infused water but never used cilantro...guess where I am heading to after work...the grocery store to get some cilantro, thanks so much for sharing!! :)

  2. I am not a fan of vegan cusine but those nachos look and sound delicious!!
    I used to do infused water a long time ago and need to start up again, I am horrible at drinking enough water throughout the day. I used to do strawberries and basil or mint and cucumber.
    You are gorgeous by the way!!

  3. My mom and I actually just started making infused water. We have been using cucumbers and lemon. It's so good and refreshing!