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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Under the Belt

I have my first powerlifting competition under my belt (no pun intended, ok kinda).  A few weeks ago I competed at the Iowa State Fair Bench Press/Deadlift Contest at the Iowa State Fair and had an absolute blast.

It was hot.  It was humbling.  It was motivating.  It was above all else an amazing learning experience.

As you know by now, I started powerlifting a little over three months ago at 22nd Street Barbell in Downtown Des Moines.  In those three months I had the honor to train with this man, Phil Schultz.

An amazing and extremely experienced lifter himself, Phil was kind enough to meet me twice a week and work on my lifts.  He held my hand the entire three months which I appreciate very much.  He showed me proper technique,  helped me with picking my opening weights for my lifts and coached me all the way through the competition.  Having him by my side gave me confidence I wouldn't otherwise have had.

I opened my bench at 135 and hit my second attempt at 140.  I missed my finial attempt 150 which was disappointing but gives me great motivation to work even harder.

first lift- 135

Due to my previous back injury I requested to Phil that I open lower then normal.  We decided 250 was a good place to start.  I pulled 250 and 275 on my second attempt easily.  Phil encouraged me to go for 295 on my third attempt.  I had only pulled 295 once before but I was wearing a single ply suit (which gives you a little support for the lift).

I was nervous but confident.  Covered in baby powder (to reduce friction) I pulled 295!  I surprisingly felt like I had even a little more in the tank.  Again, great motivation to hit higher at my next meet.

I can't get over the how many strong women attended this meet.  Some lifters were beginners, some more experienced, some very experienced but just like the meet in Dubuque all the women there were supporting each other.  It was such a great feeling to be a part of it.

Here is a video Wes from 22nd Street put together of all the lifters on our team.  It's so cool. And yes, I need to work on my "pulling face"- not pretty

Since the meet Phil, my coach has moved so I'm now on my own.  Although I've got a ton of great lifters to train with at 22nd street I'm excited to figure things out on my own- training programs, nutrition, technique.  I want to learn it all so I can catch my own mistakes and hole myself accountable.

I plan on competing again in a few months at the UPA meet in Dubuque.  Until then you can find me in the gym.  :)

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