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Friday, August 16, 2013

Twas the night before the meet.....

14 hours and counting until the Iowa State Fair Bench Press Contest.  I'm not really sure why they call it the "bench press contest" when it also has a deadlift contest too but we'll go with it.

So I officially made weight with the help of a teammate.  I water loaded and ate clean all week to drop about 9lbs.  I weighed in at 181, they give you a 3lb allowance so I'm officially 178.  I'll take it!

And yes, I'm totally crapping my pants.  The stage is huge, there will be a ton of people there and I'm constantly asking myself, "why do you insist in doing stuff that makes you so uncomfortable?".  I'm sure tomorrow I'll think this is totally worth it but until I get that first press out of the way I'm gonna be pretty anxious!

I will be more then happy to share more about how I cut the weight and my meet results at a later date.  Tonight I'm gonna plant my butt on the couch, eat pizza and rest!  I can't wait!

Wish me luck my friends!

And here is a little ditty for you.  Exactly how I felt about eating clean all week... except it's Papa John's thin crust pepperoni pizza and a cinnapie for dessert!  Game on!

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