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Friday, September 27, 2013

Pregnant and Crossfitting?

A few days ago John came home and asked me if I'd heard that there was a heated debate going on about a woman who was pregnant and weightlifting.  Gasp!  Whaaaa?

Seeing as I pretty much just watch Disney Junior during the day I hadn't heard a thing.  I instantly Googled it.

In case you too didn't catch the story it goes something like this.... Lea-Ann Ellison, 35, mother of two posted this photo/caption.  It went viral almost instantly drawing a number of comments, shares and critics.

"Eight months pregnant with baby number three and CrossFit has been my sanity. I have been CrossFitting for 2 ½ years and strongly believe that pregnancy is not an illness, but a time to relish your body's capabilities to kick ass."

As you can imagine people had a lot to say about this photo.  Some were encouraging and impressed while others were down right disgusted and mean.  

Pregnant women exercising seems to be such a touchy subject.  In fact my interview with a prenatal exercise instructor and OBGYN nurse was and still is my most visited post on my blog and you guys had a lot to say about it.  

I of course, have my own opinion but I really am interested in what you think of this. Before you pass judgement know that Ms. Ellison is a form bodybuilder who has been crossfitting for over two years, she admitted to reducing the weight once we found out she was pregnant and I believe, although can't confirm, that she had her doctor's approval.  

So mom's, non-mom's, moms-to-be, men...what are your thoughts?  Would you or have you lifted like this while pregnant?  Crossfit when expecting?  Why?  Why not?  

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  1. I was a crossfitter for just over a year when i became pregnant. I actually found out that I was expecting after I arrived home from participating in a competition. I continued to crossfit until I was 36 weeks pregnant. I stopped so that i could soak up my last few weeks before baby arrived and as soon as i stopped exercising, my blood pressure shot up and they had to induce me just under 2 weeks later. I completely support crossfitting while pregnant. You have to listen to your body and know what it is capable of, but there's no reason you can't continue an exercise regimen that you participating in before conceiving (unless you have restrictions from the doc). Theres movements you can't perform of course as the pregnancy progresses (situps, burpees etc.), but there was nothing keeping me from attending 2- 3 classes a week. I blogged about my experience weekly on my blog.

  2. Thanks for sharing Meg! I'll have to check out your blog. Just out of curiosity...did your doctor know that you were specifically doing crossfit? If so, did he/she have any thoughts on the matter?