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Monday, April 15, 2013

Goals for the Week

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I know I did.  I got to watch some Central College Softball, chat with old teammates and host a baby shower for a great friend.

So, for the past month I've been stuck in a rut.  I'm not seeing much progress (if any) with my body fat, measurements or weight.  I'm not surprised either.  I've been on cruise control for awhile. And to be honest, it worked for about four months.  I ate pretty close to my meal plan and I followed the work outs pretty close.  But pretty close isn't cuttin' in anymore.

The way I see it, I have three choices:

  1. Throw in the towel and quit
  2. Continue exactly what I'm doing now and continue to get exactly the same results
  3. Up my game and get serious 
Option 1 is tempting but I've tried the "eat whatever you want and see what happens diet".  For me, it ends up being instant gratification but long term guilt.  I'm happier when I eat better. Option 1 is out.  

Option 2 isn't really even an option.  I'm putting into much time at the gym and spending too much money on cartons of egg whites to just be pretty close.  I don't want to be pretty close to my goals, I want to reach them!

So, option 3 it is!  It's time to up my game and get serious.  Without even digging that deep, I know there are two areas that I can improve on- tracking my foods and finishing all cardio sessions.  Since day one tracking and cardio have been a challenge for me.  I don't mind cardio.  It's just that I really like lifting.  If I'm short on time and something has to be shortened or skipped I always choose cardio.  Don't judge me.  As for tracking?  I just find it annoying.  I know it's a wonderful tool and studies show it helps with weight loss but I just don't like to do it.  But I will.  I will because I want to reach my goals more then I want to skip tracking.  Priorities right?   

In an effort to not overwhelm myself by setting some ridiculously long, unattainable goal I'm starting small.  I set these two goals for the week:    

I hope breaking it down in two to simple but still challenging goals will help me focus and get me one step closer to my goals.  

I know some of you reading have great ideas out there- help me out!  Do you track your food?  If so, how do you track?  Do you ever skip workouts?  If so, is it always the same workout?

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