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Monday, April 22, 2013

BostonStrong DSM & IronDad

If you haven't heard an amazing blogger- Pavement Runner has started a movement.  He wanted to do something for Boston to show his love and support following the tragic bombing.  He's inspired people all across to organize a run today in honor of them.  I think it's amazing!  Here is the information for the BostonStrongDSM run.  More information can be found on Facebook.

On a totally unrelated note- I realize when John and I started this little blog a few months ago our intention was share John's journey as he trains for IronMan Louisville.  It sounded great before he started getting into the "meat" of his training but now 19 weeks out (yes, I'm counting) his free time is decreasing and I'm not nice enough to encourage him to blog after he's been gone for four hours training. I'm that type of wife.  

However, I do want to keep you updated on his training. I'm sure I'll allow him on here once in awhile...  maybe on a "rest" day right?  He's been getting up twice a week at 4:30 to swim. You need to be there ready to go by 5 otherwise you'll have to wait. It's pretty intense I guess.  

Yea buddy!  That's right- the fast lane!  Woot Woot! 

The lifeguard looked at me like "what in the hell are you doing lady." when I took these photos.  I guess most wives don't come and take pictures during lap swim.  

Thanks to this gross Spring John hasn't been able to get outside as much as he'd like so until it gets a little warmer he's been mostly in our basement on our trainer.  

Although this weekend he did get to ride outside.  I walked into my kitchen and saw this...

Insert cat call here :)

Seriously though, this man is a machine.  He's up before dawn most days, gets up with kids at night (Sloane always wants him, not me so it's really not my fault), works full days, works out again during his lunch break, comes home and is happy to take over if needed to offer me a break (which is almost every day) and usually has supper ready when I get downstairs from putting Sloane to bed.  Uh.May.Zing.  

He's more than considerate when planning long workouts, doing his best to schedule them when it's convenient for the kids and me.   Annnnd, he puts up with me!  He works around my work and work out schedule as well.  Plus, he always lets me workout first on the weekends.  A true gentleman! 

I know there are a lot of busy people out there but clearly John has made this race a priority.  It reminds me of this quote:  

If you know John you know he's a no excuses kinda guy and training for this IronMan is no exception. I can't wait for his hard work to pay off (in 19 weeks, yes, still counting).  

I need to know:  Does your spouse have a hobby that he spends a lot of time on?  Does it drive you nuts or make you happy? 

Have a great weekend everyone!  

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