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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fit to Sweat Apparel Review

You know how sometimes you meet someone and you can't help but feel they're just meant to be in your life for a reason?  That's exactly how I felt the first time I met my friend, Emily.

Emily and I first met for coffee late last spring after our mutual friend, Missy, from the Social Starr, suggested we chat.  Because I'm an online stalker, I knew Emily was a wonderful photographer, graphic designer and had recently launched an awesome apparel company, coincidentally called, FIT.

FIT: Fun, Inspiring, Threads an awesome apparel company comprised of, "a bunch of fun-loving designers with a desire to create unique designs that reflect our personalities, on better products." Emily happens to help lead that team of designers.  Those designers happen to have a division of FIT athletic apparel, FIT To Sweat,  and they just happened to be in search of an honest review of their garments from a local fitness professional.  I mean, could this have worked out any better?

The FIT team wasn't just after a positive review of their apparel, although I'm sure they'd take that too, they wanted honesty.  Emily insisted that I wear, workout, wash, repeat many, many times before I gave my stamp of approval so after a long deliberation, I selected two garments to take for a test run.

The first item I choose was the Don't Quit full zip hoodie in black.

If you know me in real life, you know that this comfy hoodie quickly became a staple in my wardrobe.  It's lightweight and breathable making it perfect to wear to/from gym activities and as a warm up layer.

I've worn it multiple times a week, washing it after every wear and it's held up like a gem!  I swear it gets cozier and cozier with each wash.  And really, lets be honest….I wouldn't wash this more than once or twice a month let alone after every time I wore it.  Don't judge.

I absolutely love the contrasting, brushed nickel zipper and of course, the highlighted "DO IT"  in the lettering.  What a great reminder when you look in the mirror.

This hoodie is offered in unisex sizing but unlike most unisex garnets, this one fit perfectly.  Fitted enough to give you shape but generous enough to give you room to breathe- just right.

As a reference, I'm 5'9'' and typically wear a women's large in most athletic brands.  A medium in this hoodie fit just right.

The second item I chose was a #myworkoutinspiration racer back tank.  Shocker that I'd pick a racer back tank, I know.

This little baby has that soft, lived in, had it for years feeling without the smell and holes of a 10 year old tank.  Honestly, the fabric is so light weight and slinky it feels like pajamas.  It has a slight A-line cut to it and hits right at the hips.

The totally awesome thing about this line of tanks is they're customizable!  That's right, you can take your personal workout inspiration and put in right on a tank top of a t-shirt.  Trying to get in shape for a high school reunion?  Want to get back into your pre-baby jeans?  Trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon?  Whatever it is- make a tank and let it serve as a extra motivation on days you're just not feeling it.

I have to say, I like fitted apparel but not clingy and this tank is a perfect combination.  If you're a woman who gets a little self-conscious about clingy mid-section clothing- this tank is for you.  And, if you're not into the workout inspiration, that have plenty of other designs to choose from in the same tank top.

Thanks to the airy fabric, sweat dried quickly and left me feeling cool and comfortable.  Again, I washed and washed this sucker and it still looks awesome.

On a somewhat unrelated note, FIT also has some Adorable- with a capitol A- "game time" apparel for Cyclone and Hawk fans.  Show your team spirit with one of their unique designs.

I can't say enough about this company.  They've been so much fun to work with thus far, and more great things are to come from this partnership.  While I really hate when people leave you with a cliff hanger, I have to tell you….something exciting is brewing…..


  1. Love the jacket and the "inspiration here" tank too! Give me a hint. What's brewing?