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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Family Fitness: Move It For Movies

Now that I have a kindergartner in my house I've been even more focused on making sure my kids are getting plenty of exercise.  My little lady is enjoying her time at school but like a lot of kids, she needs to move when she gets home.

Because you ate up my Summer Of Miles family fitness activity I thought I'd come up with another challenge for the school year to encourage your entire family to move more together.

Move It For Movies is a way to track time spent exercising while you work towards a (non-food) goal everyone in the family can enjoy- a family movie night!  Who doesn't love cozy movie nights in the Fall?
Click photo for printable version

After printing off the poster, decide how much each movie square is worth and write it on your poster.  For example, we decided each square was worth 20 minutes of exercise.  (For younger kids try smaller increments of time and older kids bigger amounts of time).  Every time your child exercises for the specified amount of time they get to color in a square on their line.  When all the participants have colored in their squares in their line you can enjoy a family movie night- in the theater or at home.  Your choice!

I sent the pdf file to a local printer and had a 12x18 poster made for less than $7.00.  Be sure to hang the poster somewhere your family will see each day.
To help get your kids even more excited to exercise, spend a few minutes looking at the movies available to watch and have them pick out which one they'd like to see.

My daughter is thrilled to earn a trip to the movie theater and it will be so rewarding to take her once she's colored in all her squares.  Moving together as a family is time well spent and working together towards a goal is even better!

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  1. Such a great idea!! Will definitely be doing this with my little guys! Thanks!