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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Go Anywhere Kids Exercise Printable Game

If there is one thing I know about my kids it's that they require lots of physical activity.  No doubt at almost five and two years-old they're movers and shakers. Like most kids their age it's near impossible to just walk.  It's always a run, skip, hop, and even a gallop regardless of where we're at.

I'm cool with it until we get ourselves into a situation were we need to sit still.  Then I'm ready to pull my hair out, and honestly, they are too.  Yesterday we went to the library to see the Insect Zoo on display and waited in line almost 45 minutes before we even saw anything.  My little girl wanted to see the bugs but really didn't want to wait in line, especially since it was beautiful outside.

We struggled through the urge to move and made it to the bugs but I thought to myself I need an activity/game on hand to help burn off extra energy, that fits in my purse, and doesn't take up too much space to play. (My daughter is so over paper, rock, scissors and I spy.) Inspired by my FitDeck Junior I created a smaller, disposable (if needed), customizable stack of activity cards for kids.

They can be used so many different ways depending on space available, number of kids playing, and age.  If you whip these out while waiting in line, at a park or just trying to kill some time others will want to join in on the fun, I promise you.  And no, I'm not above pulling these out and having my kids jump around in a controlled manner in public, it beats having them hang on me, cry, and whine!

Click HERE to download and print!

While the uses for these cards are numerous, here are a few ideas I came up with so far.  (Feel free to add your own, I'm all ears!)

  • Shuffle cards and stack them face down.  Have one player roll some dice, draw a card, and perform the move for the number of repetitions shows on the dice.  Continue through the deck, taking turns
  • Starting with 1, performing each move in the deck for the specified number picked.  Once through the deck, move through the deck again with 2 reps, then 3, and so on.
  • Pick just a few cards and perform them circuit style for specified number of repetitions, repeating the circuit as many times as time allows.
  • Practice time telling skills!  Pick a time frame (i.e. 30 seconds) and perform each move as time allows before moving on to the next card.  
  • Practice math skills!  Have your child pick a card and ask them to perform the move "x" amount of times based off a math question (i.e. Do 5+2 squats.  The child would then squat 7 times).  
  • Let them direct the game any way they want…maybe they get to tell mom/dad/sitter what to do.  Let them teach you.  
More ways to get your kids involved….
  • Let them cut out the cards.  
  • Let them color/ decorate the cards.
  • Let them make up their own moves on the back side of the cards.

I left two spaces to add your own moves and feel free to omit any moves you don't like.  It's your game, make it work for you!  

It's flat, small, disposable, free, and if it helps get your family though waiting for a table at a restaurant or get some exercise in on a rainy day it's worth it!  



  1. OMG, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. A rarely sits down, unless its to sleep or read a book (which normally doesn't bother me at all) but when we have to go places where I need him to sit, it's near impossible for longer than 10 mins!

  2. How fun!! Will definitely be printing these out for my boys!! Thanks!