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Friday, May 16, 2014

Favorites from the Week

Hey, hey y'all!

Are you as happy about it being Friday as I am?  John has been traveling all week and I am ready for him to be home!  I've been a little short on free time this week so I complied a reading list of my favorite blog posts from the week.

Check these great posts out and tell them Annie sent you!  :)

Melissa from Forever Fitting In has a great recipe:  Sun Tea Tummy Tamer.  I imagine it would be so refreshing on a hot day.

Missy and Stacy from Fit Femmes have an My Soxy Feet giveaway going on.  I love the designs on these socks!

My Strong Figure Ambassdor sista, Amber has an amazing Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad recipe you need to check out.  It looks amazing and her list of ingredients is totally doable for my non-cooking self.

Amanda from Toned and Fit shared some great information about National Women's Checkup Day.  It's an important appointment that no one should ever skip.

For your fitness geeks like me, the glute guy, Bret Contreras has a great post discussing deadlifts do and don't, squat form and check out the video of his 62 year old mother lifting.  Pretty dang impressive!

And finally Cindy from Well Trained Mama has some great thoughts about stepping on the scale.  Why, why can we women let go of the scale?  (Myself included).

Your turn:  What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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