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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Three Reasons NOT To Hire a Personal Trainer

Wait whaaaat?  Yes, you read that title correctly.  And yes, I am a personal trainer.

I whole hearted believe that the right personal trainer can provide and help you implement an appropriate exercise routine, assist you in setting/reaching your goals, teach you correct form, provide accountability/motivation, serve as a great source of fitness related information, and even offer emotional support.


As much as I'd love to think I can help everyone who approaches me for fitness advice and/or personal training, the truth is unfortunately some people hire personal trainers for the wrong reasons.  I understand that sometimes the motivation to make changes arises and you want to strike while the iron is hot but before you go sinking your precious time and money into hiring a personal trainer make sure it's not for one of these reasons:

1. You're looking for a quick fix:  As the saying goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day".  Results from proper diet and exercise don't happen over night.  Sure, you could take dangerous short cuts to try to reach your goal(s) faster but you won't find me endorsing any of them.   Whether you preparing for a wedding, training for a competition or just want to make healthy changes in your life, don't wait until crunch time to try to reach your goals.

2.  You think we have special secrets:  If you think I'm
going to give you a top secret circuit workout that melts all your fat in a week you're going to be disappointed. I've spent time, and continue to spend time, studying the human body, how it works, learning how it moves, and how it responds to training.  I do my best to stay on top of current research findings related to exercise. I know how to execute exercises with proper form and I know how those exercises can fit into a strength and cardio conditioning routine to help you reach your goals. And sometimes those "secrets" are found through lots of trial and error as everyone responds differently. Personal trainers know a lot of useful and applicable information but top secret core exercises to give you an instant six pack isn't in our bag of tricks.

3.  You don't have any intention of working out on your own:  Unless you're ready to drop big bucks on four or five training sessions a week most trainers will ask that you work out on your own in addition to sessions with him/her.  I'd like to think that I can take my clients through one hell of a workout (if that's what they want/need) but for the majority of people even one amazing workout a week isn't going to get you to your goals.  Talk with your trainer about what you should be doing on your own to continue achieving progress.  If you're not feeling confident enough to workout on your own but can't afford to pay for multiple, one on one sessions a week consider small group or group exercise training.

Your turn: Have you ever worked with a personal trainer?  


  1. Great article. I totally agree. I did have a couple of clients that worked out with me five days a week doing different training on opposite days but most people cannot afford that. Good points!

  2. Annie, this was great! As a trainer, I'm actually getting ready to drop 2 people off of my roster due to the fact that they want it all now, but are not willing to do the work...I'll offer for them to do online coaching with me, which would keep them accountable, and make them do the work daily, but to those out there who would like to be the demanding client but don't want to work for results...don't waste a trainer's time...get accountable or go home! Thanks, Annie, for a great post! :)

  3. Awesome article. I have never worked with a personal trainer, mainly because I am a certified Group ex instructor and know enough about fitness and workouts to put together plans that work for me.

  4. Great post! Definitely #1. I have actually had clients sort of lay out their own plan for ME so they can lose whatever weight in like 2 months. Um, ok. Sure thing. Go ahead with that plan. I think another reason not to hire one is if you're not going to trust them/us. (refer to my example)

  5. I have had a personal trainer {in my twenties} and also had a private pilates instructor. I actually love the help and the motivation I get from one, although a bit pricey. I am not one to do anything in a gym or weights by myself as I don't want to do something wrong..I need to guidance :)

  6. Interesting and it is good to think about! I haven't done personal training although I've thought about it many times!

  7. Great post! I've never worked out with a personal, but I've always wanted to. I've had coaching for various sports over the years and that's as close as I've ever come to personal training.

  8. nope-and never plan to.

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