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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Legs on Fire: Lower Body Workout

You know I'm always pushing the weights but sometimes a bodyweight workout is tough enough without the additional weight.  I know this is one of those workouts.  

After completing a proper warmup, move through the exercises completing 10 reps of each move.  Move from exercise to exercise with as little rest as possible.  

As a general guideline (of course listen to your body) beginners aim to complete one to two rounds, intermediate exercisers try for 3 rounds and for advanced lifters aim for 4 or more rounds.   

Keep in mind:

  • As always do what you can with good form.  
  • This isn't a race, go at your own pace.  
  • Hold the pause at the bottom of the squat for 2 seconds and then raise to the top.  
  • Plank with hip extension: From plan position, raise on leg off the ground (squeezing your glutes).  Hold for 2 seconds then lower back down.  Alternate sides.  
Your turn: What is your favorite lower body, bodyweight exercise?


  1. I love squats, I don't care if they are weighted or not, slow or fast...I just love them!

  2. Love all your workouts you post on here. They are simple and fast but very effective. I will have to google Bulgarian lunges, never heard of them :)

  3. Awesome! Will incorporate this into my next strength session!

  4. Love all if these. I went back to the old squatting rack in January it has made such a great change even this soon. My legs are always my weaker part and love a Bulgarian lunge!