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Monday, April 8, 2013

Vanilla Coffee Protein Smoothie and Joey Lawrence

Happy Monday!  We took a little family vacation last week and while it was tons of fun I'm so happy to be back to our routine this morning!

So, typically I don't drink smoothies.  I don't because honestly, I like to eat too much to substitute a drink for my meal.  It just doesn't feel the same.  I like them as snacks or desserts but in a place of a meal?  No thanks.  Not me.

Well last week I was in a pinch.  I moved my workout to the evening due to a sick baby which meant that I needed to adjust my meals a little bit.  I was looking for a high protein, lower carb meal.  We had nothing.  We were getting ready to go on a three day trip to Kansas City so we had been avoiding a trip to the grocery store until after we get back so it was slim pickins' in our house.

I recalled a recipe from Oxygen Magazine for a vanilla latte smoothie of some sort and I love coffee.  And by love, I mean LUUUUUUUUUVVVVVE coffee.  Desperate and hungry I pulled out the blender and tossed in the ingredients and fell in love at first sip.

Oh my word.  I had died and gone to Heaven.  Here she all her glory- Vanilla Coffee Protein Smoothie.

Here is the recipe (taken from Oxygen Magazine, April 2013) Makes one serving. 
  • 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
  • 1/2 cup brewed strong coffee
  • 1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese
  • 2 tsp honey
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • Ice cubes
Nutrition per serving: 230 calories, total fats: 1g, saturated fat: .5g, total carbohydrates: 15g, protein: 38g

I know you're probably thinking, "Cottage cheese in a smoothie?  Disgusting!".  Thanks to my instagram "fit fam" I had heard of people using cottage cheese in smoothies to get a thicker, creamier texture so I wasn't too surprised when I read it in the ingredient list here.  It totally worked.  This smoothie was so filling I couldn't even finish it, and that's saying a lot.  

On a totally non-related note, I wanted to share a new little discovery that totally brings a smile to my face.  "Joey Lawrence Radio" on Pandora.  I added this new station to my list this afternoon while on the elliptical and before I knew it, time was up.  Tell me you remember Joey Lawrence.  Blossom?  "Woah", (saying it in my best Joey voice)  Ugh, he was so cute.  I had "Nothin' My Love Can't Fix" on repeat for months.

People in the gym probably thought I was nuts-o.  I'm sure I was smiling ear to ear and maybe even swaying a little bit, just a little.  It couldn't get any better with songs from Joey, Keith Sweat, N'Sync and then this came on.....

Yes,  a little slow for my pace but soooooo good.  I haven't heard this song in years maybe even a decade but still was right on cue with the first whispering "please don't go girl".  Isn't it amazing how I can't remember how old I am half the time but I can still remember all the words to a NKOTB song? Amazing? Or sad?  I say amazing.   

I'm always curious what people are listening to while they workout.  Do you have any odd stations on Pandora?  What's are some of the songs that get you through a workout?  

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