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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day At the Park Workout

This forty degree weather here feels like a heat wave and has me totally wishing the snow were gone so we could go to the park.  I love the park!  It's free, it's fun, it's good exercise, and who doesn't love being outside? 

It's no secret that I also love the gym, so what do you get when you combine the park and the gym?  Drumroll please........... Annie's Day At the Park Workout!  

Don't just stand there watching your kids swing, climb ladders or chase their friends- get in there and work up a sweat yourself!  Every little bit of activity counts and I promise you if you do these exercises one after another in any order between water breaks, chasing kids, and shoe lace tying you'll feel it.

Here are some links to YouTube videos on how to some of the more uncommon exercises: (some day I'll get up the courage to video tape myself!)

Bulgarian Split Squat - use a step or park bench for back leg
Swing Hamstring Curl- use the swing in place of the TRX in the video, you can try single leg too
Swing Knee Tuck- again, use the swing in place of the TRX in the video
Bar Pull up- (also known as an inverted row) Try to find a low bar.  And BTW, can I be this girl in the video?  :)
Kid Toss- Sounds like a carnival game right?  Needless to say it was hard to find a video of this one but if you fast forward to about 1:10 into her presentation you'll see her do a press with her baby.  My kids love this lift and it seriously burns the shoulders and chest after awhile.

All of the moves in pink are meant to be high intensity bursts of cardio to get/keep your heart rate up.

And yes, you will probably get some odd looks.  If you're in the Des Moines area I can recommend some less crowded parks to do this at.  :)

The hashtags on the bottom are from a contest I entered this workout into.  While I didn't win, it got a good review from the contest judge (even though I misspelled "bulgarian").  If you're on instagram I'd encourage you to check the other workouts under the hashtag #lfeccontest and follow @livefiteatclean. She's a great source of inspiration for workouts and healthy recipes.

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