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Monday, February 4, 2013


Happy Monday!  

While surfing Pinterest this weekend I found this little ditty below....

This is a great reminder for both of us.  We both get down when every single workout isn't our "best" or ate a ahhhh-hemmm cranberry, orange scone from Smokey Row yesterday and that wasn't on the meal plan.  Oops.   Instead of feeling guilty about it I remind myself of this quote.  I'm not perfect, I will make mistakes, not every workout is going to be a "PR" and sometimes my cravings will overcome my will power but that won't stop either of us from reaching our goals.

My college softball coach used to tell our team that everyday we had a choice to get better or worse.  He'd challenge us to look at our life and evaluate how we spent our time both on and off the field- were our actions leading our team forward towards our goals or away from our goals.

I still think about those questions today.  And no, the scone wasn't helping me achieve my goals just in case you were wondering BUT instead of throwing in the towel for the day like the "old Annie" would have done, I went right back to my meal plan that afternoon.

Here are our weekly workouts.  They are the exact same as the last week.  I should also note that neither of us try to schedule any workouts planned for Sunday.  We use Sunday as a rest day or as a back up day in case we were to miss a workout during the week.

So I really want to know two things, and leave a comment people- I can see you reading (blogger tells me you are!)...

1. What workouts are you doing this week?
2. How do you get yourself back on track after a slip up?

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